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The lyrics and music of this song were written In June of 2014, while I was undergoing very difficult side effects for my prostate cancer treatment. The music basically came first, and the lyrics a bit later. As I continued to write the lyrics I thought they became quite meaningful to me.

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Canción Navideña

I had quite a lot of fun writing this song, for it is one of the very first in which I wrote the Spanish lyrics myself. In the audio version I added Latin percussion to make it more interesting. If you download the pdf or Finale versions you will not find the notation for the Latin percussion.

To view/hear/download, click: Canción Navideña

Christmas Pastorale Fantasia

I wrote this piece for our local performing arts community's Christmas program of 2013. I had in mind our local band leader's amazing ability on the alto flute. The audio I am placing on the internet is not the best, but at least it gives an idea of the piece. By the way, the Finale and pdf files are in concert pitch. For the normal alto flute notation it should be transposed.

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