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The Sign Was Given

The words to this religious song were written by Bryan B. Chambers. I asked him to write some words, and then I would see if I could write some music for them. Both Bryan and I are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and this song refers to the appearance of the Lord in the Americas referenced in the Book of Mormon. Although the song is specifically L.D.S., I thought it would be appropriate to place on the internet for the public, as many of the members of our congregation have requested it.

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I wrote this song while I was very sick with prostate cancer, but I wanted to keep my mind off my illness as much as I could. Therefore, I wanted to write a challenging piece, and this song was certainly the case, as it is primarily in the Lydian mode (some Mixolydian and Aeolian), and has a lot of imitative melodic motifs. It began as a melodic exercise, but the more I proceeded I began to feel that it needed words, and the words came very quickly--words with a religious theme. The entire piece began to take on a satisfying aspect to my feeling about the Savior. It still remains so to me.

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Jesus, My Savior, Lord, and King

This is another religious piece. The words are by Bonnie Merrell, and the circumstances for its writing were similar to those that were for the song "The Sign Was Given" noted above. I wanted Bonnie to write some words to which I could put music.

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