La Llorona

A Mexican LEGEND closely allied to the story of Cortés is that of La Llorona.  SOME PEOPLE say (and believe) that Malinche (Cortés’s Aztec interpreter) had 2 children by Cortés.  It is also said that Malinche’s Aztec relatives would not accept the children, nor would the Spanish accept them.  Malinche therefore drowned the children.  Because of this, Malinche was condemned to wander the earth as a ghost looking for them.  Some say they have seen and heard her near water (lakes, rivers, etc.), wailing for them.  Over time, the legend became localized to various communities.  Now, many communities where there has been a long-time Hispanic population tell other stories about La Llorona (related to their own communities).  Stories of La Llorona have now become very widespread, even in Arizona.

 Many historians believe, however, that the original legend developed out of the story of Cortés and Malinche.