P.R. Machula

NOTE:  Ending with the week of Sept. 3, 2011, you now have a choice of displays for FLIDs.  If you click on the link in the table below for Individual, you will be presented with a form to enter a 4-digit FLID.  (The FLID must be entered with leading 0's for numbers below 1000--that is, old FLID '13', would be entered as '0013', '103' as '0103', etc.) Upon submitting the form you will see only the FLID desired.  HOWEVER, If you click on the link for Table you will see a table for ALL the FLIDs.

NOTE2:  If you click on Individual and you are using Internet Explorer you MAY have a notice pop-up on your screen asking if you wish to allow "scripts."  In order for the Individual display to work, simply indicate click on the pop-up for 'Options' and continue instructions to allow the 'Options'.  There will be absolutely no harm done to your computer or software by doing so!  By the way, the Firefox and Opera browsers automatically allow this type of 'script' (Jquery).

In Internet Explorer 9 you may find that a small bubble icon will appear when you click on the Individual or Table links shown below.  (It's a part of recent versions of IE9--to prevent pop-ups.)  If such happens to you, simply hold down the CTRL and ALT keys together, and then click on the link.  It will then load your desired webpage.

Week EndingType of FLID Display
Sep. 3, 2011  IndividualTable
Sep. 10, 2011 Individual Table
Sep. 17, 2011IndividualTable
Sep. 24, 2011IndividualTable
Sep. 30, 2011IndividualTable
Oct. 7, 2011IndividualTable
Oct. 14, 2011IndividualTable
Oct. 21, 2011IndividualTable
Oct. 28, 2011IndividualTable
Nov. 4, 2011IndividualTable
Nov. 11, 2011IndividualTable
Nov. 18, 2011IndividualTable
Dec. 1, 2011IndividualTable
Dec. 8, 2011IndividualTable
1st Semester GradesIndividualTable
Jan. 20, 2012IndividualTable
Jan. 27, 2012IndividualTable
Feb. 3, 2012IndividualTable
Feb. 10, 2012IndividualTable
Feb. 17, 2012IndividualTable
Feb. 23, 2012IndividualTable
Mar.02, 2012IndividualTable
Mar.11,2012 MidIndividualTable
Mar. 30, 2012IndividualTable
Apr. 6, 2012IndividualTable
Apr. 13, 2012IndividualTable
Apr. 21, 2012IndividualTable
Apr. 27, 2012IndividualTable
May 4, 2012IndividualTable
May 12, 2012IndividualTable
2nd SemesterGradesIndividualTable