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I have decided to add this page with links to some of my latest creations: e-books. Because the creation of e-books in many ways is like a web page in HTML, I thought it would be interesting if I could create one. I managed to do that. Then I decided I would do more books. Most of my others are all in various stages of completion. Nevertheless, there is a lot of information available in the ones that are not finished, and so I decided to make them available for free on the internet anyway, in spite of their lack of completion. (I'll try to finish them later.) Most of the e-books are about genealogy (mine and others), often with a close relationship to the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which I am a member. I am also including some links on the left hand side of this page to sites regarding how to create e-books.

On the right hand side of this page you can find links to a few sites where one can acquire free e-books. 

All of my e-books are in one of the most common formats: .epub. Epub files can be read by most e-book readers, whether for Windows, Apple, Android, and probably Linux. If you are using a Windows computer I suggest you download/ install Adobe Digital Editions. Another good one is Azardi (especially good for epub3 books). If you are using and Android device I suggest Moon+ Reader or Cool Reader. If you are using an Apple desk or laptop computer Ibooks is probably best.  For Ipad or Ipod I suggest the reader called Marvin. For the Microsoft tablet computers probably Freda is best. The reason I suggest these readers is that in some of my e-books I use downloadable fonts. Not all readers can handle downloadable fonts. Some of my ebooks will also probably use epub3 functions, which are fairly new (much of epub3s are based on html5).

If you wish to download one of my e-books, simply click on the link, and you will be asked if you wish to download it. For Windows computer browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Opera that is all you do. For Microsoft Internet Explorer, after you download the e-book, you will have to change the extension from .zip to .epub. Then, you can load the book into your reader.

I am including below a few comments about the e-books.

That's about it. Enjoy exploring the e-books!


1. Teachings of Jesse N. Smith -- completed -- early leader of L.D.S. in Arizona

2. Deseret 1st Primer -- completed -- primer in Deseret Alphabet, original printed in 1868. More can be found on my Deseret Alphabet Pages

3. Journal of Mosiah Lyman Hancock combined with Journal of Levi Ward Hancock --  the Levi W. Hancock portion is not complete -- my maternal 2nd and 3rd great-grandfathers

4. East Central Arizona History -- incomplete -- an e-book version of my Zybtarizona website

5. Tales of the Zithl'naha -- incomplete -- my attempt at juvenile historical fiction about the early history of the Globe-Miami, AZ area. Mostly about Apache historical characters  

6. Ancestry of Ludwig Machula -- completed -- genealogy and biography of my grandfather

7. Autobiography of Gwendolyn Bates Machula -- completed -- Autobiography of my mother.

7. Stanzas from Martín Fierro -- completed -- Epub3 experiment (Stanzas from an Argentine epic). May not work in most Epub readers (Moon+ Reader & Gitden for Android, and Azardi for Windows computers do work; also Gitden works for Apple tablets/smart phones). 



 Pretty good site for free e-book sources: hongkiat.


 Early & good source for free e-books: Gutenberg.


  Pretty good site for acquiring free e-book: free-ebooks.