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It's snowing on New Year's Eve in my Arizona hometown of Globe, which usually happens only once or twice a year–kind of special on New Year's Eve. So, anyway I decided to post one of my creations in Deseret. Pardon any idiosyncracies! In the Sunday afternoon session of the L.D.S. General Conference, Oct. 2014, Elder M. Russell Ballard gave an address titled, “Stay in the Boat and Hold On!” That address really impressed me. Elder Ballard used a favorite expression from Brigham Young about the “Old Ship Zion”–that members should stay in that 'boat'. Within 30 minutes of the address I wrote a poem about the “Old Ship Zion,” and here it is in Deseret. Maybe Brother Brigham would have appreciated it. I later wrote some music for the poem. The tune is a bit like early American hymns, but the accompaniment is more modern. If you would like to see/hear the song using 'Latin' script, you can find it at: To find it, simply type “Machula” into the Search box. An mp3 or pdf of the song can also be downloaded for free at that site, if you would like.

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