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The following poem is from the Deseret 2nd Primer-Lesson 46. The photo version in DA may need to be zoom-enlarged, as I wanted to get it on one page.


The morning sun is rising:
How lovely is the sight!
Its glowing rays are crowning
The farewell shades of night.

The golden fragrant flowers
Now sparkle with the dew.
The sweetly blushing rose-buds
Now open to the view.

The gently moving zephyrs
Now kiss the sun’s bright ray.
The little buzzing insects
Hum music to the day.

The joyous birds are chanting
Their songs from ev’ry spray.
They join in chorus singing,
Then rise and flit away.

All nature wakes from sleeping
To see bright Sol arise—
To watch his first beams sweeping
From East, to Western skies.

Dear children, break your slumbers
And hail the lovely morn,
While first-born sunlight beauties
The world of life adorn.


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