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This site is dedicated to those who championed the 19th century English spelling reform known as the Deseret Alphabet. It was originally designed to help new converts of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) who came from many countries in the early days of the church to Utah (app. 1855-1875). Brigham Young, who directed these migrations, wished to integrate these people as quickly as possible into the church and also the English-speaking United States. He thought English spelling reform would be greatly beneficial in this respect. Although the reform was quite successful for some time among church members, it eventually was discontinued, especially after its greatest proponent, Brigham Young, passed away in 1877.

I am including on the left hand side of this page some links that will give you a lot more information about the Deseret alphabet, its history, and also how it has been adapted for use on computers and the internet (some links are quite technical). The alphabet is already an accepted part of Unicode (a process for producing scripts on computers in all languages). There are non-Unicode adaptations of the alphabet, but I am employing only the official Unicode forms of the script for my internet pages. As a result, you will need to ensure that your computer has the proper fonts. If you are using a computer with later versions of Windows (Windows 7 and later), you should click on the links in the right side bar that are titled "FOR PC BROWSERS (post Windows 6)". That will take you to the page where you can access the links to the pages that will display the script properly in those browsers. To access the Deseret pages for Apple and Tablet/Smartphone browsers you will find links under the section "FOR APPLE AND TABLET/SMART PHONE BROWSERS" that also display the script properly . If you have versions of Windows older than 7, you may have to download and install the font 'Code2001.ttf' by James Kass. It is free, and can be downloaded from www.alanwood.net. If you do an Internet search for the font you can probably find it at other font sites also. Another, smaller font that you can download from the alanwood.net site that is also free and will display Unicode Deseret is 'Analecta.ttf' by George Douros. Both 'Code2001.ttf' and 'Analecta.ttf' will display Deseret characters, but, using Analecta or Code 2001, you will have to download and modify this web page (change the html to display either of those fonts) to view  the pages in those fonts.

It must be noted that the pages for Apple and Tablet/Smart Phone Browsers display the lower and upper case Deseret "vee"  glyph incorrectly (I use the Google font 'Noto Sans Deseret' for those pages -- Google is working to correct those glyphs). Those glyphs look rather like ampersand glyphs, instead of the Deseret glyphs that are similar to the Latin 'B'.  That is unfortunate, but as I mentioned, Google is working to correct that glitch.  Nevertheless, until corrected it is not very hard to get used to the difference.

I also have included links to 2 Deseret script .epub ebooks (actually '.epub2' form) and the same books as .pdf's, included on the right-hand side of page (Links to E-Books). For the .pdf's form simply use the normal Adobe reader. However, for the epub form there are many 'readers', some for computers, some for tablet devices, some for smart phones. Many of these readers cannot reproduce the script. For Windows and Apple computers, as long as you have the any of the two fonts I mentioned, you can read the ebooks by downloading the proper version of  Adobe Digital Editions and installing it. Another good one is Azardi (fairly good for 'epub3' books, by the way). For Android devices (tablets or smart phones), the readers I have found that will actually reproduce the ebooks correctly are "Moon+ Reader" and "Gitden" available from Google Play Apps.  I have also found two readers for Apple tablet/smart phone devices that will automatically reproduce the proper font. They are "Marvin" and "Gitden", available from the Apple apps store.

NEW! Here is a new pdf file, you may enjoy perusing: Bulletin of Brigham Young Sayings

ANOTHER NEW! Here is a normal web page, using the new Google font Noto Sans Deseret, you may also enjoy perusing!: Deseret Alphabet Musings

STILL ANOTHER NEW! Here is my new Deseret Wiki. If you can write in Unicode-compliant Deseret Alphabet script, you can even comment in Deseret Alphabet. If you cannot write in Unicode-compliant DA, you may still wish to visit the site in order to make general comments, if you wish. However, in order to do so you must first register on the site. It is located at: Zybtster Deseret Wiki

That's about it. Enjoy exploring the Deseret Alphabet!

   FOR PC BROWSERS (Post Windows 6)

The Deseret Alphabet does take a bit of getting used to. Very few of the characters look at all like the Latin script normally used for writing English. But, if you are ready to learn the alphabet, here is where you can do so. Go to it!

I also thought it would be fun to have a simple blog in the Deseret Alphabet. The first entry is first in the Latin script, followed by the same words in Deseret.

First blog entry: 11 Mar 2014.
Second blog entry: 30 May 2014.
Third blog entry: 3 November 2014.
Fourth blog entry: 22 December 2014.
Fifth blog entry: 2 May 2015.


Here is where you can learn more about the Deseret Alphabet Go to it!

Here is my simple blog in the Deseret Alphabet

First blog entry: 11 Mar 2014.
Second blog entry: 30 May 2014.
Third blog entry: 3 November 2014.
Fourth blog entry: 22 December 2014.
Fifh blog entry: 2 May 2015.


There were 3 primers that were used in "Deseret" (Utah territory) to teach the alphabet to children and those adults who were trying to learn English, or who just wished to learn the alphabet. I am placing on the internet 2 ebooks, .epub and .pdf versions, of the 1st and 2nd Deseret primer books (including illustrations). There are 3 versions in the ebooks: each lesson in Deseret followed by Latin script, all lessons in Deseret only, and all lessons in Latin script only. You can download the ebooks here.


I have decided to begin a Deseret newsletter that I hope to publish every 4 months. It will be in pdf form, as I wish to show what can be done in the Deseret Alphabet when "prettied up." You can download the issues by clicking on the links below:

First issue (January 2015).
Second issue (May 2015).