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December 22, 2014

In the Sunday afternoon session of the L.D.S. General Conference, Oct. 2014, Elder M. Russell Ballard gave an address titled, "Stay in the Boat and Hold On!" The address really impressed me. Elder Ballard used a favorite expression from Brigham Young about the "Old Ship Zion"--that members should stay in that boat. Within 30 minutes of the address I wrote a poem about the "Old Ship Zion," and now I have put it into Deseret. Maybe Brother Brigham would have appreciated that. The poem is below. I later wrote some music for the poem, and if you would like to see/hear the song using 'Latin' script you can find it at: freeldssheetmusic.org. To find it simply type "Machula" into the Search box. An mp3 or pdf can also be downloaded for free, if you would like.



1. 𐐎𐐨 𐐪𐑉 𐐻𐑉𐐰𐑂’𐑊𐐨𐑍 𐐪𐑌 𐑄 𐐬𐑊𐐼 𐑇𐐮𐐹 𐑄𐐰𐐻 𐐮𐑆 𐑌𐐬𐑌 𐐰𐑆 𐐞𐐴𐐫𐑌, 

𐐗𐐩𐑉𐐨𐐼 𐑁𐐬𐑉𐑃 𐑃𐑉𐐭 𐐪𐑊 𐑄 𐐺𐐮𐑊𐐬𐑆 𐐲𐑌𐐻𐐭 𐐵𐑉 𐑅𐐰𐑊𐑂𐐩𐑇𐐲𐑌. 

𐐍𐑉 𐐗𐐰𐐹𐐻𐐲𐑌, 𐐢𐐫𐑉𐐼 𐐖𐐨𐑆𐐲𐑅, 𐐐𐐨 𐐶𐐮𐑊 𐑌𐐯𐑂𐐲𐑉 𐑊𐐯𐐻 𐐲𐑅 𐑅𐐻𐑉𐐩; 

𐐐𐐨 𐐶𐐮𐑊 𐑇𐐲𐑉𐑊𐐮, 𐐻𐑉𐐭𐑊𐐮 𐑀𐐴𐐼 𐐲𐑅 𐐲𐑌𐐻𐐭 𐑄𐐰𐐻 𐐹𐐲𐑉𐑁𐐯𐐿𐐻 𐐼𐐩. 

2. 𐐐𐐬𐑊𐐼 𐐪𐑌 𐑌𐐵, 𐐼𐐨𐑉 𐐺𐑉𐐲𐑄𐐲𐑉𐑆, 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐑅𐐮𐑅𐐻𐐲𐑉𐑆 𐐻𐐭, 𐐶𐐨 𐑅𐐩 

𐐓𐐭 𐑄 𐑉𐐪𐐼 𐐱𐑂 𐐵𐐲𐑉 𐐢𐐫𐑉𐐼’𐑆 𐐶𐐲𐑉𐐼; 𐐸𐐬𐑊𐐼 𐐪𐑌 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐐸𐐲𐑋𐐺𐑊𐐮 𐐹𐑉𐐩. 

𐐜𐐬 𐑀𐑉𐐩𐐻 𐐻𐑉𐐴𐐲𐑊𐑆 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐐹𐐲𐑉𐑅𐐲𐐿𐐮𐐭𐑇𐐲𐑌 𐑋𐐩 𐐻𐑉𐐴 𐐻𐐭 𐐻𐐩𐐿 𐐵𐐲𐑉 𐐹𐐨𐑅, 

𐐎𐐨 𐑌𐐬 𐑄𐐮𐑅 𐑇𐐮𐐹 𐐱𐑂 𐐞𐐴𐐲𐑌 𐐶𐐮𐑊 𐐺𐑉𐐨𐑍 𐐲𐑅 𐑇𐐭𐑉 𐑉𐐨𐑊𐐨𐑅. 

3. 𐐂𐑌 𐑄𐐮𐑅 𐑇𐐮𐐹 𐐱𐑂 𐐞𐐴𐐲𐑌 𐐶𐐨 𐐿𐐰𐑌 𐐺𐑉𐐨𐑍 𐐨𐐽 𐐲𐑄𐐲𐑉 𐑃𐑉𐐭. 

𐐎𐐨 𐐿𐐰𐑌 𐑇𐐨𐑊𐐼 𐐵𐑉𐑅𐐯𐑊𐑂𐑈 𐑁𐑉𐐲𐑋 𐑅𐐻𐐬𐑉𐑋𐑆 𐑄𐐰𐐻 𐐻𐑉𐐴 𐐻𐐭 𐐸𐐴𐐼 𐐵𐑉 𐐸𐐯𐑂’𐑌𐑊𐐮 𐑂𐐮𐐭. 

𐐢𐐯𐐻 𐐲𐑅 𐐪𐑊 𐑅𐐹𐐨𐐿 𐐶𐐲𐑉𐐼𐑆 𐐱𐑂 𐐶𐐮𐑆𐐼𐐲𐑋 𐐻𐐪𐐻 𐐲𐑅 𐐺𐐴 𐑄 𐐢𐐫𐑉𐐼 𐐱𐑂 𐑀𐑉𐐩𐑅 

𐐜𐐰𐐻 𐑄𐐮𐑅 𐑀𐑉𐐩𐐻 𐑇𐐮𐐹 𐐱𐑂 𐐞𐐴𐐲𐑌 𐐶𐐮𐑊 𐑅𐐩𐑁𐑊𐐮 𐐶𐐮𐑌 𐑊𐐴𐑁’𐑅 𐑉𐐩𐑅. 


𐐐𐐬𐑆𐐰𐑌𐐲, 𐐸𐐬𐑆𐐰𐑌𐐲 𐐻𐐭 𐑄 𐑅𐐰𐐿𐑉𐐮𐑁𐐮𐑇𐐲𐑊 𐐢𐐰𐑋. 𐐐𐐬𐑆𐐰𐑌𐐲, 𐐸𐐬𐑆𐐰𐑌𐐲 𐐻𐐭 𐑄 𐐙𐐪𐑄𐐲𐑉 𐐲𐐺𐐲𐑂. 𐐐𐐬𐑆𐐰𐑌𐐲, 𐐸𐐬𐑆𐐰𐑌𐐲 𐐻𐐭 𐑄 𐐙𐐪𐑄𐐲𐑉 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐑄 𐐝𐐲𐑌. 𐐐𐐬𐑆𐐰𐑌𐐲, 𐐸𐐬𐑆𐐰𐑌𐐲, 𐐸𐐬𐑆𐐰𐑌𐐲 𐑁𐐬𐑉 𐑄𐐩𐑉 𐑊𐐲𐑂.


The Deseret Alphabet does take a bit of getting used to. Very few of the characters look at all like the Latin script normally used for writing English. But, if you are ready to learn the alphabet, here is where you can do so. Go to it!


3 primers that were used in "Deseret" (Utah territory) to teach the alphabet to children and those adults who were trying to learn English, or who just wished to learn the alphabet. I am placing on the internet two ebooks, .epub and .pdf versions, of the 1st & 2nd Deseret primer books (including illustrations). There are 3 text versions in the ebooks: each lesson in Deseret followed by Latin script, all lessons in Deseret only, and all lessons in Latin script only. There are 3 versions in the ebooks: Each lesson in Deseret followed by Latin script, all lessons in Deseret only, and all lessons in Latin script only.  You can download the ebooks here.