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Deseret Alphabet Key  

In Deseret script the only difference between lower and upper case is the size of the characters. In the list below I use only the lower case.

Short Vowels

𐐮 – i as in it
𐐯 – e as in bed
𐐰 – a as in cat
𐐱 – ou as in ought
𐐳 – oo as in book
𐐲 – u as in but
Long Vowels

𐐨 – ee as in bee
𐐩 – ay as in bay
𐐪 – a as in ball
𐐬 – o as in oat
𐐭 – oo as in coop
𐐫 – au as in Paul

𐐴 – i as in ice
𐐵 – ow as in owl
𐑎 – oi as in rejoice (only some Deseret materials)
𐑏 – ew as in few 
(only some Deseret materials)


𐐺 – b as in boy
𐐽 – ch as in cheese
𐐼 – d as in dog
𐑁 – f as in fall
𐑀 – g as in gate
𐐸 – h as in help
𐐾 – j as in jeep
𐐿 – k as in keep
𐑊 – l as in look
𐑋 – m as in may
𐑌 – n as in now
𐑍 – ng as in sing
𐐹 – p as in pond
𐑉 – r as in rope
𐑅 – s as in sound
𐑇 – sh as in ship
𐐻 – t as in top
𐑄 – th as in that
𐑃 – th as in thing
𐑂 – v as in very
𐐶 – w as in well
𐐷 – y as in you
𐑆 – z as in zoo
𐑈 – s as in pleasure




I thought it would be fun to have a simple blog in the Deseret Alphabet. The first entry is first in the Latin script, followed by the same words in Deseret.   Go back to
www.zybtser.com/deseret to access the blog entries.


There were 3 primers that were used in "Deseret" (Utah territory) to teach the alphabet to children and those adults who were trying to learn English, or who just wished to learn the alphabet. I am placing on the internet an ebook (.epub) of the 1st Deseret primer book (minus illustrations). There are 3 versions in the ebook: Each lesson in Deseret followed by Latin script, all lessons in Deseret only, and all lessons in Latin script only.You can download the ebook here.